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Not all fencing options are the same. For example, vinyl fencing from Orlando, FL, is both beautiful and decorative. When you're looking for a new fence, make sure to check for possible options. Some fences are good if you're looking for decorations. Other fences are optimal for security. Consider what options will best suit your needs.

Vinyl: Beauty

When you're looking for vinyl fencing in Orlando, FL, you're probably seeking beauty. Vinyl doesn't rot. It doesn't peel. It won't peel. Your vinyl fence won't turn yellow. And, with the right kind of vinyl, it won't start to brittle. You can also choose from multiple colors to personalize your fence. If you want a fence that will keep its beauty, vinyl is a great place to start.

Vinyl: Durability

Besides keeping its beauty, vinyl is also a durable material. If you're concerned about having a fence that grows weaker with time, vinyl is the answer. Rot and rust won't affect your fence. And, with a lifetime guarantee, you can be sure that your vinyl fence will remain stable. So, if you want something that will last, vinyl might work.

Chain Link: Security

If you want something that will keep you safe, chain link is a good material for your fence. If you want a tall fence to ensure no one climbs over, chain link fences are great options. It's also cost-effective. So, if you're on a budget and need to keep unwanted visitors out, consider adding some chain link fencing.

Chain Link: Low Maintenance

If you like spending your time at the beach, you don't want to spend to spend much time working on your fences. Since they're galvanized, chain link fences don't rust. And, if you're concerned about having to deal with dust or debris, chain link fences don't collect either. Sweep off a few cobwebs and leaves, and you should be fine.

Aluminum: Style

If you would like to add style to your yard, aluminum is a great option. Like the last two options, aluminum won't rust. So, if you've dreamed of owning an estate, aluminum may be a good addition to upgrading your home. Maybe start by choosing from one of the many colors such as white, black, bronze, or another color you like.

Aluminum: Stability

Maintenance is minimal when it comes to aluminum fencing. And less maintenance means more free time. Your fence will also come with a lifetime warranty as backup. So, if something happens, you don't need to fret. Besides, the coating it comes with prevents rust. You can have a beautiful fence that will last a lifetime.

Wood: Environmental Beauty

Whether you prefer cypress or pressure treated pine, you can find a wood fence that fits your outdoor needs. If you want to add something to your yard that adds a natural feeling, wood fences are a great option. Your wood fence can also be customized with panel styles. Whether you like scalloping or doming, both options are available.

Wood: Withstanding Weather

If it's weather you're concerned about, cypress wood can handle Florida's climate. Cypress doesn't need any chemical treatments, allowing it to naturally withstand both dry and wet weather. It's dense and won't warp in high humidity. So, if you need something that will hold its shape, consider adding a cypress wood fence to your estate.

Steel: Protection

When you install a steel fence, it comes with three qualities: durability, strength, and security. This is a good option if you need something for an industrial or commercial situation. You don't want to make a gamble when it comes to protection. So, if you need privacy, steel can provide what you need.

Steel: Easy Upkeep

Water and a washcloth are all you really need to keep your steel fencing clean. Upkeep is simple, and it will keep its shiny in every season. If you're looking for simplicity, steel is a great choice. It helps keep you safe on the inside and look great on the outside.

What Next

With those options in mind, consider what might work best for your home. If you want security and easy upkeep, try steel or chain link fencing. Wood fencing is great for adding a sense of environmentalism. Aluminum fencing has both style and stability. As for vinyl fencing, it offers both durability and beauty. Consider what fencing option suits your needs best.
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What to expect when buying a fence

Thursday, May 21, 2015 3:48:00 PM EST5EDT

There are many reasons why a homeowner may want to install a new fence. Whether it's for safety, security, pet containment or overall property aesthetics, having some knowledge of the process can help make for a better buying experience. Fence Outlet owner & founder Rajul Patel has taken the time to explain what you should know and expect when buying a fence.

Finding a reputable fencing company

"First of all, whether the property owner uses Fence Outlet or another company for the fence installation, we strongly recommend that you do your homework and research -- find out who are the reputable professionals in your area," said Patel. "Look at factors like how long they have been in business, and how well they service their customers AFTER the sale. Lastly, insist on getting an accurate assessment of the work required and estimate project costs before making any final decisions or commitments."

What costs are included in a fence estimate?

Once you have chosen a fencing company, Patel then explains what people should expect when they see free fence estimate offers. Make sure that the estimates that they receive includes the following:
  1. Costs for materials
  2. Costs for labor
  3. Costs for delivery
  4. Costs for any permits if required


If an old fence is being taken down by the contractor, you should make note if that's included in the estimate as well. If your contractor asks you to get the permit, this should raise a red flag -- is this contractor licensed and insured? Here are a few more questions you should ask your contractor before beginning work:
  • Who will pay for any damages, if incurred, during the installation?
  • Who will pay to move the fence if it was installed without a permit from your local municipality?
Patel reiterates that homeowners should "insist on an accurate assessment of the work required and estimated project costs before making any decisions or commitments."

How Fence Outlet can help you

With a combined 80,000 square-feet of showroom and inventory in Orlando, Oviedo, Tampa, North Port, and Port Richey, Fence Outlet provides a variety of fence materials including wood, vinyl and aluminum. We also carry chain link and steel fencing for both residential and commercial applications. Fence Outlet also offers customers professional, timely and quality fence installation. "Our team will help you measure your project, provide you with a free cost estimate, and assist with permitting for a complete turnkey installation project. If you choose to do it yourself, just bring your measurements in to one of our stores and we can provide you with a detailed cost breakdown including delivery and tax."
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Florida’s Cooler Months Are Ideal For New Fence Installations

Thursday, November 13, 2014 10:09:00 PM EST5EDT

ORLANDO, Fla. (Nov. 12, 2014) – Rajul Patel, president and founder of Fence Outlet, Central Florida’s fencing experts, likes to point out that the winter season is a great time to install a new fence, especially in Florida.

“Florida is a bit different that the rest of country since as the temperatures drop, we spend even more time outside,” said Patel. “I like to tell my customers that when they are considering landscaping updates and what new barbeque to buy, it is also important to think about a new fence since a fence literally puts a frame around the entire property.”

Following are the reasons why now is a good time to install a new fence:

  1. Fence Installations take place year-round: In Florida, fence construction is as easy to do in winter as it is in the summer. Fence Outlet’s professional installers don’t contend with snow, and the chance of rain is reduced, so a new fence goes up in no time.
  2. Scheduling an estimate is easy: With a team of experts at the ready, Fence Outlet makes scheduling an estimate easy. No matter what the time of year or weather conditions, our estimates will be at your home as scheduled and do the job in a timely manner.
  3. Pet Safety: Even in Florida, it can sometimes be chilly and inclement in winter making walking the dog one of the last things you want to do. With a new fence protecting your yard, your family pet can “go” outside while you stay warm inside the house. Plus, if you get a new puppy as a holiday gift, this new addition will be safe and secure from traffic and other dangers outside your fence boundary.
  4. Flexible Buying Options: Around and after the holidays, money can be tight, so many customers take advantage of the flexible buying options offered by Fence Outlet including zero-percent financing for 12 months
With a combined 68,000 square-feet of showroom and inventory of fencing supplies in five locations, Fence Outlet offers fences made out of vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood or chain link. “Our customers appreciate the large selection, low prices and fast delivery we offer at Fence Outlet,” said Patel. “I am encouraging potential customers to call us for a quote -- we help with selection, measuring, delivery and installation – we are there every step along the way.”
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Cypress Handles Florida’s Varied Climate and is Insect Resistant

ORLANDO, Fla. (Feb. 25, 2014) – Fence Outlet, Central Florida’s fencing experts, showcases a wide variety of fence products, each offering distinct advantages, but when it comes to wood in Florida, Fence Outlet strongly recommends Cypress.

According to Fence Outlet owner & founder, Rajul Patel, Cypress is the clear choice in Florida. “Cypress wood is native to Florida so it handles our inconsistent wet-to-dry climate. It requires no chemical treatments and is naturally resistant to termites and insects,” he said. “Cypress is also a denser, more fibrous wood that does not warp and twist in Florida’s high humidity.”

Known for its beauty and durability, Cypress is among the most popular wood fences on the market. It is available in each of Fence Outlet’s five locations: Orlando, Oviedo, Tampa, Port Richey and North Port. “When you consider all of its benefits and characteristics, all of us at Fence Outlet agree that when it comes to wood, Cypress is your best bet,” said Patel.

Fence Outlet customers enjoy flexible buying options offered at Fence Outlet, including zero-percent financing for 12 months. After they purchase their new wood fence, many customers turn to Fence Outlet for the professional, timely and quality fence installation. “Our team in the showroom or on-line will help you measure your project and assist with ordering all the materials,” said Patel. “Then, you can turn the entire professional installation over to Fence Outlet for a complete turnkey project.”
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Fence Outlet offers the extras that the "big box retailers" cannot

Thursday, February 20, 2014 5:36:00 PM EST5EDT

Rajul Patel, president and founder of Fence Outlet, likes to point out that his company offers customers a variety of fence service extras and financing options that the national retail chains cannot. From free online professional fence installation estimates and new fence zero-percent financing offers (for qualified customers) to next-business-day delivery and five convenient locations throughout Central Florida, Fence Outlet differentiates itself from its competitors.

"We do everything we can at Fence Outlet to accommodate our customers' needs," said Patel.  "When compared to the big boxes, our differentiating factor is service."

In late 2013, Fence Outlet announced the opening of two new stores in Port Richey (north of Tampa) and North Port (south of Sarasota). With a total of five locations, Fence Outlet now offers customers a combined 68,000 square feet of warehouse and showroom, and over $3 million in inventory.

Fence Outlet offers fences made out of vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood or chain link and stocks all needed supplies. They provide a larger selection, lower prices and faster delivery when compared to the national chains. With more than two decades of business success, accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and thousands of professional Fence Outlet installations throughout Florida, Fence Outlet is quietly protecting businesses and neighborhoods across the Sunshine State.
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When it comes to your fencing needs, Fence Outlet not only strives in providing a great selection of products and prices, but we also want to give you the best customer service possible. Whether you're browsing on our site, or visiting one of our five showrooms in Orlando, Oviedo, Tampa, North Port and Port Richey, we make sure our business relationship is as strong as our products.

We recently received an update from one of our residential customers who purchased a fence from us over the holiday season. The product is a 6-ft tall semi privacy type fence with "dog eared" picket caps. Take a look at some of the pictures taken by our customer along with what she had to say about our service:


"Hope you [Maribel, our sales rep] had a great holiday. The fence turned out beautifully. I have attached some pictures. I am very happy with the quality of the fencing. Thank you for contacting me after the completion of the job" ~ Trudy
As with all of our jobs, we at Fence Outlet truly appreciate the relationship we develop with each and every one of our customers, even after the job is complete. Whether it's a residential or commercial job, we aim at providing the best selection and price of our products with exceptional customer service.

Contact Fence Outlet today for your free installation estimate for any and all your fencing needs (not only will you receive a great fence, but you could end up being posted on our blog right here like Trudy!). To see more examples of some of our work, check out our before-and-after gallery.
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