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How to Take Care of Your Vinyl Fence

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 8:15:00 AM EST5EDT

Vinyl fences are known for their attractiveness, versatility, and durability. Properly maintained, they can provide years of reliable protection. However, if you have vinyl fencing in Orlando, FL, there are some things you'll have to do to keep it in tip top shape.

Vinyl Fences Are Nearly Maintenance Free

One of the reasons vinyl fences are so popular is because they require practically no maintenance to keep them standing. As opposed to wood, and some kinds of metal, you won't have to treat your fence to protect it from either rot or rust. However, if you want it to look sharp, you will have to clean it. Fortunately, this doesn't require much work.

Rinse It Off

Due to the non-porous quality of vinyl, to keep it free from dust, small particles, and spider webs, you just need to spray it down once in a while. When you're gardening or watering your lawn, take a couple of minutes to hose down your fence. Rinsing off your fence every couple of months will keep it looking fresh.

Try a Rust Inhibitor

For a more thorough cleaning that'll get rid of some those tough spots, you can use a rust inhibitor and a sponge. Apply the rust inhibitor directly to the problem area, then gently dab. If the stain persists, a soft brush should do the trick. We recommend using Sno Bol which can be purchased at Walmart for $3.00.

Other Types of Cleansers

If you're cursed with a stain that is particularly hard to get rid of, there are other types of cleansers you can experiment with. One particularly effective product is The Magic Eraser. Designed like a sponge, The Magic Eraser doesn't require any additional cleanser or a cloth. You just apply to the affected area, but avoid using a stiff brush, as that could scratch your vinyl fence.

Pressure Wash

If you've just moved into a property with an older vinyl fence, or you've neglected your own fence for some years, you may have to consider using a power washer. Pressure washing the fence will be more effective than a regular garden hose at removing stains and debris, but won't scratch the vinyl the way heavy scrubbing might.

Mildew Stains

Though not common, mildew can be an issue in Florida. While there are chemicals you can use to get rid of the mildew, it's recommended to use as mild a formula as possible - or mixing your own at home - to prevent any unwanted damage to the vinyl.

Rest assured that when you're researching wholesale vinyl fences in Orlando, FL, maintenance will be at a minimum. While there are cleaning options should you encounter a tough stain, for the most part, periodically hosing your fence down is all the maintenance you'll ever need.

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How to Properly Maintain a Wood Fence

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 7:47:00 AM EST5EDT

Wood fences provide a yard with a beautiful, timeless look. However, they also require a bit of upkeep in order to last and to keep that beauty for many years. If you've recently had a new wood fence installed on your property, here are a few tips for properly maintaining wood fences in Orlando, FL.

Apply a Sealant

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your new fence is properly sealed. Your fence is going to be exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the entire year, so it needs as much help as it can get. A sealant helps to protect the wood from the rain, humidity, and your sprinklers. By repelling this moisture and preventing it from seeping into the wood, sealant will help to prevent rotting and warping in your fence boards, adding years to its life.

Minimize Spraying

As already mentioned, your wood is going to take quite a beating from the Florida elements. And just because it's been sealed doesn't mean you should take its durability for granted. As much as possible, you should minimize wetting your fence with your hose or sprinkler. The less moisture your wood is exposed to, the less likely it is to warp or rot. So, adjust those sprinkler heads if you have to, and you'll get more life out of your fencing.

Cut Back Plants

Finally, make sure that you don't allow bushes or vines to grow on or up against your fencing. There are 2 main reasons for this. First, plants tend to retain some moisture, so if they're right up against your fence, they can cause more moisture to seep into the wood, leading to rot.

Additionally, bushes will push up against the fence more and more as they grow, and vines will add more and more weight to the planks as they climb. The same goes for trees; if you have a tree with a low-growing branch that is pressing against your fence, cut the branch away to ensure your fence isn't damaged by it. The less weight and pressure on your fence, the longer it will last, so cut back the plants and keep them away from your fence.

If you follow these tips, you'll get more life out of your wood fence in Orlando, FL.

Posted in Wood Fencing By Holly Halladay

How to Maintain A Wood Fence in Florida

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 7:47:00 PM EST5EDT

A wood fence can be a great way to add curb appeal with its natural beauty, provide a layer of safety and security, and potentially add value to your home. Some homeowners, however, may be concerned about utilizing a wooden fence in the humid state of Florida. A wood fence does require more care than aluminum or PVC, so Fence Outlet is offering some tips to help maintain a wood fence.

When looking at installing a wood fence, here are some tips to consider:
  • Make sure to get pressure-treated wooden posts; because they go into the ground, they are more susceptible to insects and moisture.
  • Within the first year of installation, apply a wood preservative to seal your new fence. A sealant is like wax on a car; it protects the fence from the elements.
  • Homeowners also should prevent sprinklers from wetting the fence, which can cause the wood to deteriorate faster. Many sprinklers can be calibrated to adapt to their surrounds and increase efficiency. An alternative is to use drip irrigation to minimize overspray.
  • Bushes, vines and other vegetation should be kept off the fence. The less weight and moisture-attracting plants on the fence, the better.
  • Don’t use cleaning products on your fence. Just use a hose and plain water to clean.
"In Florida, the wood fence product we recommend is Cypress since it is native to Florida, thus can handle our inconsistent wet-to-dry climate," said Rajul Patel, president and founder of Fence Outlet. "Plus, it requires no chemical treatments and is naturally resistant to termites and insects. Cypress is also a denser and more fibrous wood that does not warp and twist in Florida’s high humidity."
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The experts at Fence Outlet, Central Florida’s largest fence provider, field a lot of questions about when it makes sense to repair a fence versus when it is time for a complete fence replacement.

There are numerous factors that go into making this decision including:

  • The age of the fence
  • Fence use
  • Fence location
  • Material composition
With a team of 42 service personnel on the showroom floor at any given time, Fence Outlet can help customers make the call.

“Wood fences are great – they provide privacy, security, add value to your property and enhance the home’s visual appeal,”
“However, wood doesn’t last forever and requires routine maintenance to keep it looking its best and functioning properly. If the fence is rotting, warping or falling down, at minimum it should be repaired and may need replacement.” said Fence Outlet owner & founder, Rajul Patel.

A shot of a wood fence before Fence Outlet replacement.

Different factors, such as the fences age, location and use help determine the choice between repairing your fence or if you need a full replacement.

Initial signs of fence deterioration include discoloration, splintering and warping. When any of these telltale signs are detected, a professional fence contractor should be contacted to replace the damaged panels before decay spreads. “In Florida’s humid climate, it’s especially important to routinely seal your fence to prevent decay,” said Patel. “If you don’t seal your fence and then have to replace damaged panels, it won’t match the original panels and could look unsightly.” Another side effect of a broken fence is compromised safety and security.  A broken fence can be a means of escape for a pet or child, can let in unwanted pests, and may not provide the privacy it may have been intended for. “If even a small part of your fence is deteriorating this can lead to the collapse of a much larger portion, leaving your yard completely fenceless,” said Patel.

“Though it’s possible to repair a wood fence on your own, you need the right tools, expertise, and time to do the job. I believe that the best option is to hire a professional fence contractor who can provide quality workmanship.”

Wood alternatives, such as vinyl, can be a better upgrade from traditional wood fencing due to durability and the savings they bring from painting or sealing.

Fence Outlet offers wood alternatives that are more durable and are made to look just like wood. A popular option is vinyl, which is made to look like wood, and saves the cost of painting or sealing. Fence Outlet showcases a wide variety of fence products, each offering distinct advantages.  With a combined 48,000 square-feet of showroom and inventory of fencing supplies in three Central Florida locations, Fence Outlet offers fences made out of either vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood or chain link.

All of Fence Outlet’s showrooms offer all of these products, plus arbors and gate openers. Many customers also turn to Fence Outlet for their incredible customer service providing professional, timely and quality fence installation and repairs“Our team will help you measure your project and assist with ordering all the materials on-line,” said Patel. “Then, you can turn the entire professional installation over to Fence Outlet for a complete turnkey project.”
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